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Webroot is the most effective antivirus which offers advanced security to any device. It can be installed over the device by pursuing an installation guide. You can download the Webroot setup file and activate it using the product key. If you want to get this advanced protection, visit

Simple Process to Create User Webroot Account

To create a user Webroot account, follow these on-screen directions provided below:

1.      First of all, run the preferred browser on the system.

2.      Thereafter, type '' in the device’s address bar and hit the Enter key.

3.      Once launched on the homepage, click on the 'Create an Account option.

4.      Once you have done that, you will reach the registration page.

5.      Then insert the password and email ID, and personal security code.

6.      Navigate to the 'Register Now' button and click on it.

7.      You should open the email app that you inserted during the login process.

8.      Go to the verification email link from Webroot and click on it.

9.      You have to enter the security key that you produce during the account creation.

10.  Lastly, select the “Confirm Registration Now” option.

Simple Process to Download the Webroot Antivirus Setup

To download the Webroot antivirus setup, follow these on-screen directions provided below:

1.      Firstly, you have to visit the Webroot homepage on the browser:

2.      After that, type the email address that is linked with your Webroot account.

3.      You should insert or paste the activation code in the given column.

4.      Go to the Next button and click on it.

5.      Later, you will view a list and select the Download button.

6.      Lastly, pick the device that you want to secure and download the Webroot product on it.

Simple Process to Install the Webroot Antivirus Setup on Mac

To install the Webroot antivirus setup on Mac, follow these on-screen directions provided below:

1.      First and foremost, reach the downloaded folder wherever the setup files are stored.

2.      After getting a prompt, select the Open option.

3.      Then select the favorite language.

4.      Go to the Next option and click on it.

5.      You should click on the “Agree and Install” button to proceed.

6.      Thereafter, Webroot will request you to input the admin details of the Mac.

7.      Once you input the details, hit the OK button.

8.      You should select the option of “Open System Preferences.”

9.      Later, reach the “Security and Privacy” field and click on the Privacy button.

10.   Now, go to the screen’s upper side and click on the ‘Apps’ through the list.

11.   You should click on the ‘Full Disk Access' button and then unlock the padlock.

12.   Later, reach the ‘+Add’ icon showing over the right side of the screen.

13.   After that, go to the ‘Application’ screen and select the 'Webroot SecureAnywhere' option and launch it.

14.   Navigate to the Webroot box and mark it, then select the 'Quit Now' button.

15.   You should click on the Next option on the primary page and choose the ‘Install Extension’ option.

16.   Then, reach the “Open System Preferences” option while you see a prompt.

17.   Go to the ‘General’ tab and select it.

18.   Later, choose the ‘Allow’ button and return to the primary page.

19.   Finally, hit the Finish button.

Simple Process to Activate the Webroot Antivirus on Mac

To activate the Webroot antivirus on Mac, follow these on-screen directions provided below:

1.      Navigate to the Mac and select the Webroot button to launch it.

2.      Then choose the ‘My Account’ option over the primary screen.

3.      You should select the 'Activate a new keycode' option beneath the Account section.

4.      Later, type the 20-digits unique character in the provided field.

5.      Now, choose the Activate option to activate the Webroot account.


Q1. How do I install Webroot on my Android device?

Ans. Go to Google Play Store on your Android device, type ‘Webroot Mobile Security’ in the search bar. When the app appears in the search results, you may download the app by tapping on the Install button.

Q2. How can I scan existing threats using Webroot Mobile Security?

Ans. On your Android device, access the app and tap Malware Scanner. After that, you need to tap on the Start Scan.